Forex trading is not as easy as exchanging one currency for another, though that’s basically what this is. If you’re serious about becoming rich and piling up bucks, you shouldn’t take things too lightly. You must learn some of the most common forex trading approaches and strategies. 

There are a lot of tactics and trick you can use to earn some money out of exchanging currencies, but below are the most common ones. Proven, tested, and used by many new and old time investors, these strategies will definitely familiarize you with the ups and downs of the forex market. 

Day Trading

The first in this list also happens to be the most commonly used strategy among forex traders and investors. Day trading is the process by which a trader places multiple orders in a single session and then exits them simultaneously. The orders typically last for a couple of hours before the trader closes them.
Of course, the main goal here is to make money. But to do that, you must find the right entry and exit timing. 

Since the currency market is a very volatile market, traders get attracted to this strategy. The main idea is to gain small profits out to multiple small movements in the market and consolidating all of them to come up with substantial gains. 

Trend Trading

As the name suggests, trend trading is following the price movement’s trend. You have to identify the directions that the prices have been heading. To do this, you can use technical tools such as charts and indicators, whichever are available to you and suitable for the asset. 

Once you find the trend, you can enter the market in the direction where it is moving, whether upwards or downwards. The idea is to gain profits before the trend stops or the price retraces its steps.

Swing Trading

This strategy bears resemblance to trend trading, though this one is typically a medium-term trading strategy, meaning the placed trades can last up to a week. The goal is to generate some gains from shorter term price swings while holding the trade for several days. 

Swing traders try to ‘remove the noise’ or erratic price movements that normally happen during the course of intraday trading. They set up trades during the price’s ‘swings’ to highs and lows, but with a longer duration period. 

Positional Trading

Position trading is a longer term strategy that can last for at least a week, a few months, or years.  Position traders try to maximize the profit they get via the huge changes in prices. They usually keep an eye on the end-of-the=day charts, while using lower levels of leverage and smaller trade sizes.  

Position traders are also known for using both fundamental analysis and technical tools. More importantly, they are not know to be impatient traders. The fact is that this strategy requires enormous amount of patience, discipline, and stamina from you as a trader. 

The forex market is a very flexible market, even more, flexible than the stock market. This provides investors the chance to experiment and try out new and various trading strategies that you can develop and improve as your very own trading strategy. Try them out and gain large profits today. 

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