5 Pointers that affect the home loan interest rates

Buying your new home can mean different things for different people. For someone, it can be an emotional investment, whereas, for others, it is just climbing the ladder of success. But one thing that remains the same is the significant investment commitment. 

To make your process easier, you can apply for a home loan through a reputed and trustworthy bank and unlock the door to happiness. 

If you want to know about the interest rate on a home loan, then this article is enough for you to understand the matter. Keep reading the complete article to understand the interest loan on the home loan. 

Factors that impact the interest rate of home loan

Here are the following factors that make an impact on the home loan interest rates.

1. Credit score

All of us know that the credit score directly reflects our creditworthiness to the bank and helps them to determine whether we are responsible borrowers or not. If you have a good credit score, then you quickly get a home loan at a low-interest rate. 

So before applying for a home loan, it is suggested to make sure that you have a healthy credit score to keep a close eye on the outstanding debts and make timely repayments. 

2. Value and location of the property

Another factor that affects the interest rate on a home loan is the value and location of your property. If the property is situated in a low-profile neighborhood with a lack of amenities and poor construction, then it is tough to resale the property. In this case, the lender will charge a high interest on the home loan. 

3. Job security

Having a regular source of income and a stable job works better for your loan application. On the other hand, if you do not have a stable income source, then it gives a risky sign to the lender on the loan. 

If you are a CA, salaried individual, doctor, etc., then you will quickly get a home loan at low-interest rates. 

4. Interest type

As the borrower of the home loan, you must think about the terms-, fixed, float, and mixed interest rates. Fixed interest rates are constant throughout the loan tenure; floating interest rates fluctuate due to the changes in the market. Mixed interest rates are the combination of fixed as well as floating rates. 

Fixed and mixed interest rates are considered riskier alternatives. Banks charge high-interest rates on them. 

5. The loan amount and tenure

Shorter loan tenure charges a low interest to banks, whereas a long loan tenure charges a higher interest rate to banks. It is the same in the case of the loan amount. The higher the value of the loan, the higher the interest rates are charged. 


If you are looking for a bank to avail of the home loan, then make sure to check the interest rate criteria. It is suggested to avail of that you avail of a home loan from a reputed bank because they provide a wide range of offerings and a hassle-free experience. 

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