Why you need to hire a security guard for your next store launch

You’ve created an amazing product and can’t wait to share it with the world. Customers only need to come in, buy and give you your money’s worth. This is often the ideal expectation for any business owner launching their store.

However, there aren’t so many well-wishers out there and many unexpected things to happen once you launch your store. Crime also usually happens to businesses that hold valuable items such as convenience stores, retail outlets, and banks. All these are potential targets for illegal activity.

Hiring a security guard for your next store launch is one of the best ways to keep your business secure and deter criminals. One can be provided by a reputable, licensed facilities management company to keep your store secure. If you’re still on the fence about hiring a security guard for your store, consider these are benefits of doing so:

  • Stops shoplifters

About 38{6b2e92626082d16659cfd1277348ffb700a7f6773e73b1dbb3ad40ec2618a47d} of inventory loss is caused by customers who shoplift. The most commonly shoplifted items range from chewing gum, over-the-counter drugs, phones, perfumes, and cosmetics. Shoplifters take these items because they either want to sell them, for some it’s simply by impulse.  Do not lose your hard-earned products to shoplifters that don’t even know what it means to launch a store. Hiring a security guard will help prove your store against theft.

A facilities management facility can provide your business with a well-trained security guard. This security guard will be deployed to guard your store during busy business hours because a lot of shoplifters take advantage of such times to steal.

Even the mere sight of having a security guard dressed in uniform is enough to scare away shoplifters. In case you have extra cash, another security guard may wear plain clothes disguised to be a customer. In general, security guards are trained to spot any suspicious activity and should be able to catch shoplifters in the act.

  • Demonstrates to staff that you care about their safety

As an employer, protecting your staff should come at the top of the list. When your staff feels that you care about their safety, they will go far and beyond and hold themselves accountable for their part in the business. Having a security guard outside your store will always remind your staff that you care about their safety. You’ll notice better performance patterns once they feel they’re in a safe environment. In addition, it will encourage customers to purchase your products above everything else. Ensure to get your store a 24/7 security guard especially if you deal in high-end products.

  • Improves customer service

As we stated before, having security guards around will greatly increase your chances of getting customers. In addition to this, the guards sometimes go above and beyond to help customers even when their priority is the safety and security of the business. They may for instance help open doors for customers especially when they’re carrying heavy items. During dark hours, they can even escort some customers back to their cars. There’s just so much to the benefits of hiring a security guard for your business. Simply contact a facilities management facility and they’ll provide you with a professional guard to look after your business and even improve customer service.

  • Offers you and the staff a piece of mind

As the store owner, you can seat back, relax and let your staff do business as usual without a grain of worry. Your customers too can shop without having to worry about their safety once they see a security guard outside the store. Your staff will focus on selling items in the store instead of having to keep an eye on whoever enters the store.

A security guard is even more beneficial for stores that deal in items such as jewelry and banks. These stores are the most targeted areas for crime such as shoplifting and robbery. Even more, a security guard will convince your customers to know that you’re genuinely concerned about their safety and welfare.

  • Protects you in an emergency

It’s the work of a facilities management company to make sure that their security guards are trained to respond to whomever they’re working for during emergencies. In case a situation occurs such as a robbery, they can handle the situation. Security guards are trained to remain calm during serious situations. With such skills, they can apprehend the suspects, secure the victim, and check to make sure the area is clear, plus other safety risks. All this is done with the utmost calm.

 A Security guard from a reputable facilities management company is even more beneficial in solving a crime because he/she can provide firsthand information, have evidence, and even create a loss of prevention report.

Sometimes during emergencies, emergency services may not be able to help. If your store is located in a rural area, the police may take decades for them to show up in an emergency. When you have onsite guards, the situation is handled immediately protecting your store from any harm.

Even for cases we earlier mentioned where a thief is attempting to steal products, they are caught immediately saving you from loss.

Final thoughts

Hiring a security guard for your next store launch is the smart thing to do. Regardless of how small or big your store is, a well-trained security guard will protect your customers and business against threats such as shoplifting, vandalism, and robberies.

Be sure to contact a trusted facilities management company so they can connect you to professionally trained security personnel. Ensure that they complete an FBI background check before hiring any. Background checks will ensure that you’re given a security guard who’s going to provide you with efficient security services. They should at least poses skills in patrolling property, monitoring and using surveillance equipment, inspecting buildings and equipment, preventing losses and damage by reporting irregularities, and restraining trespassers. That way, you won’t worry about anything whenever you aren’t at the store.

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