Bearings: Types and Functions

The term bearings are nothing new to us. These things ranging from small to large are essential in keeping everyday items including large machines in manufacturing units running properly. Even the tiniest of bearings can easily bring a change to the final product and its performance. In many cases, these bearings are hidden behind a cover that keeps them safe from outside dust and dirt. They also have the power to let their condition known by showing effects on the produces. They have the capability to control minute details in the machinery. That is why every machine requires proper oiling and maintenance to keep the bearings running without fail.

A machine might also need a replaced bearing as it finally gives up to wear and tear. But the term bearing encompasses too much than just one type of metal item. Bearings are actually of many types and each of these has its own field to work in. Choosing the right bearing from the type of bearings (ชนิด ของ bearing, term in Thai) helps to make sure that the machine runs properly and the products are perfect as well.

The function

Bearings are the special parts that provide help to objects for rotation. They are a support to the shaft that rotates inside a machine. These are used by industries like electric generators, airplanes, automobiles and even household appliances. Products like air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators also have bearings in function. Bearing supports rotors. Turbines, gears, wheels, etc. to help them rotate smoothly. All types of machines need many shafts for the operation which makes the bearings like the machine industry’s ‘bread and butter’. Though they sometimes look like simple mechanical parts, the machines are useless without them. Even a car has almost 100 bearing within its main parts while high-end cars happen to house almost 150 of them to keep running.

Types and their functions

Ball bearings are the most common types of bearings. These types of bearings have metal balls in between two metal rings. These two bands are known as races of the bearing. The cage is an assembly that keeps the metal balls in place. As rolling friction is lesser than sliding friction, these bearings ensure less energy loss. The inner races of the bearings along with the balls are free to rotate while outer races remain stationary. This outer race gets attached with a motor while the inner races gold onto the shaft. Though these bearings are a little noisy and vulnerable to shock, they can handle high loads. They also happen have a high life with less resistance.

At the same time, roller bearings come with a comparably greater cost than ball bearings. These noisy bearings also happen to have the capacity to handle high load. The linear bearings are also somewhat similar to ball bearings with metal balls within two metal races. But these bearings provide linear motion. These are used in everyday things like drawers and sliding doors. Jewel bearing are for those shafts which are tiny like in the meters and watches.

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